A new era

What is digital light?

Think of it like a very mini, very powerful projector. But instead of producing a continuous stream of images (video) at a mediocre brightness, it produces a single digital image at extreme brightness.Allowing the photographer to digitally project any digital image, colour, gradient or pattern, instantly.

Copyright Max Reynders - model Irina Antoshkina

An entirely new toolset

No more modifiers

No more Softboxes!
No more Snoots!
No more Coloured gels!
No more Barn Doors or Flags!
No more Gobos!
No more Cookies (Cucoloris)!

Endless possibilities

Algorithmic light

Digital light means the light can be entirely controlled by algorithms. This means that face tracking, depth mapping, adaptive scene lighting, Real-Time HDR, Gesture Recognition and Response, Light Painting and Creative Effects and even Autofocus Assistance are available natively and only a click away.


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*Currently only available in the Netherlands

The power of Photoshop within your light

1) Tracking

Need to reposition the model or yourself?No need to reposition and readjust all your lights to account for that change. Pixelbeam's tracking algorithms will make the neccesary changes on the fly, completely behind the scenes.Want to always have Rembrandt's triangle under the models left eye? Done!Want to have less contrast on the nose, under the chin and on the cheeks? Done!Want to have one side of the face lit by green light and the other side by red? Done!

2) Depth mapping

Struggling with flat, shadowy photos?No more guessing games to achieve that perfect depth with your flash. Pixelbeam's depth mapping technology instantly analyzes your scene, ensuring your strobe lights up exactly what you need.Want to highlight your subject with a soft, directional light that sculpts their features just right? Done!Aiming for a subtle fill light that reduces harsh shadows under the chin and eyes, without losing the natural contours of the face? Done!Looking to create a dramatic landscape shot where the foreground pops against a darker, moodier background? Done!Pixelbeam's smart technology makes complex lighting setups simple. It adjusts on the fly, giving your photos the depth and dimension they deserve, effortlessly. Say goodbye to endless adjustments and hello to perfect, depth-rich shots every time.

3) Adative Scene Lighting

Frustrated with unevenly lit scenes?Forget about constantly moving your flash or tweaking its power. Pixelbeam's adaptive scene lighting automatically balances the light across your entire scene, ensuring every part of your photo looks its best.Need to brighten up those shadowy areas without blowing out the highlights in the rest of the scene? Done!Want to maintain the mood of a sunset while still capturing the details in the darker foreground? Done!Looking for a way to add a touch of light to specific parts of your photo, like illuminating the eyes in a portrait without overexposing the skin? Done!Pixelbeam's intuitive lighting control seamlessly adjusts, making sure your photos have the perfect balance of light and shadow. With Pixelbeam, capturing beautifully lit scenes becomes as simple as pressing the shutter button. Welcome to hassle-free photography, where every shot is lit to perfection.

4) Gesture Recognition and Response

Looking for a more dynamic way to capture the perfect shot?Pixelbeam redefines the interaction between model and light. Now, the model's gestures can control the lighting environment, creating a truly responsive photography experience.Does your model need to signal a softer light? A simple gesture and Done!Want the lighting to shift, highlighting a dramatic pose? As soon as the model moves, Done!Imagine a scenario where the model's hands framing their face triggers a focused spotlight effect. Done!Pixelbeam's innovative technology understands the model's gestures, adjusting the lighting in real-time to match. This allows for a fluid, expressive photography session where the lighting setup adapts instantly, without interrupting the creative flow. It's not just smart lighting; it's responsive lighting that transforms your photo shoots into a seamless dance between model and light.

And so so much more...

Dive Deeper into the World of Digital Light

1) Beyond Traditional Lighting

Traditional lights and modifiers can only bend and shape the light that’s already there. Pixelbeam, on the other hand, creates light, tailored exactly to your needs. Whether it's the soft glow of sunrise, the vibrant hues of a landscape, or intricate patterns for a backdrop, Pixelbeam projects it all, in real-time, with unparalleled brightness and precision.

2) Infinite Creativity at Your Fingertips

With Pixelbeam, you're not limited to solid colors or basic effects. This is a tool that invites you to dream big:Dynamic Patterns: Instantly switch from a starry night to a grid pattern, creating complex backdrops or effects that would otherwise require extensive setup and post-production.Color Gradients: Blend colors seamlessly across your scene, adding depth, mood, and atmosphere without the need for multiple colored gels or lights.Precise Control: Target your light exactly where it’s needed. Highlight a subject’s eyes with a sparkle, or cast a shadow to add drama, all without moving the light or the subject.

3) A New Dimension of Light

Pixelbeam doesn’t just project light; it sculpts your scene. It works with your environment and subject, enhancing textures, depth, and dimensions. It’s not about overpowering your scene with light but enriching it, making every detail intentional.

4) Effortless Adaptation

Moving from an indoor studio to a sunset beach scene? Your lighting adapts as fast as you do. Pixelbeam’s intelligent algorithms anticipate and react, giving you the perfect lighting, anytime, anywhere.We’re not just looking at the next step in photographic lighting; we’re leaping into a future where the only limit is your imagination. This isn’t about replacing your old lights. It’s about opening up a new realm of creativity, where you can bring any vision to life, instantly and effortlessly.

And so so much more...

Your photography bag just got a lot lighter

1) Direct and Precise Control

Traditional softboxes diffuse light, spreading it over a scene or subject to soften shadows and reduce harshness. The Pixelbeam, however, uses advanced algorithms to control light distribution digitally. This means you can achieve the same soft, diffused lighting effect—or any other effect—precisely where you need it, without physically moving or adjusting fabric diffusers.

2) Versatility and Efficiency

Whereas a softbox is a physical object that needs to be manually adjusted and can only soften light, the Pixelbeam can instantly adjust its output to mimic a range of lighting accessories, from a softbox to a spotlight, and even color filters. This adaptability allows photographers to experiment with different lighting effects on the fly, without changing physical setups.

3) Customisation and Creativity

Photographers can not only recreate the broad, diffused light of a softbox but also customise the quality of light in ways that are impossible with traditional tools. Want softer light on the face but sharper shadows on the background? Pixelbeam makes it possible with a few simple adjustments in its control interface.

4) Space and Convenience

Softboxes and other traditional lighting modifiers can be bulky and require significant space for storage and use. The Pixelbeam, being a compact and standalone unit, reduces the physical footprint of your lighting gear, making it easier to work in tight spaces or on location.

And so so much more...